Health Advocacy Student Organization

Health Advocacy Student Coalition

We advocate for health-related student organizations.


Founded at The University of Texas to serve our partners and offer advocacy experience

Welcome to the Health Advocacy Student Coalition website! We are excited to serve as a resource for students to use to learn more about health policy at all levels of government and how to get involved with health advocacy opportunities. We believe that the next generation of healthcare professionals should be well-versed in current policies affecting the field and involved with advocacy efforts that influence the state of the field into which they will be heading. Students are often eager to learn more about health policy and how they can make a change, but lack the resources to become easily educated in the area and know when and how to look for advocacy events. 

We were founded at The University of Texas at Austin and are hoping to expand to other universities in the United States in the near future to better serve our young healthcare professionals of tomorrow. Feel free to reach out with questions on how to found a chapter at your school!


The Coalition Model


Our research team consists of eight legislative research interns and is headed by the Managing Editor, Copy Editor and Associate Editors of the HASC Newsletter. The research team submits briefs on pieces of legislation from areas related to the missions of our partner organizations at the national, state, and local levels on a weekly basis. These briefs include summaries of the pieces of legislation, why these pieces are significant today, and how it will impact students when they enter their respective fields in the future.


After a piece of legislation has been adopted as part of the HASC annual agenda, our seven-person team of health advocacy interns begin searching for local demonstrations, organized legislator call-ins and emails, and opportunities at the Texas Capitol for our students to engage with. If no existing opportunities are found, we create our own events that raise awareness about the issue and connect students with the legislators who are discussing the legislation.


The HASC Newsletter is a monthly publication that is written by students, for students, about the pieces of legislation found by our research team. We realize that many pre-health students want to know about policies that will impact their future field, but don’t have the time or energy to do so. That’s why we created the HASC Newsletter, a quick-read in an easy-to-understand format made specifically for pre-health students. It let’s you know the highlights of health legislation of the past few weeks and why you should take note of them. Sign up above to receive the HASC Newsletter.


Our most important partnerships are those with the health-related student organizations at our university. These partnerships help our research team focus their research on the areas of health that students are passionate about. One representative from each student organization votes on which pieces of legislation we should adopt at our monthly Assembly meetings. After adoption, we work with our partner student organizations to co-sponsor advocacy events and disseminate information about existing advocacy opportunities.


We gather all of our partner health-related student organizations at our monthly Assembly meetings to discuss and vote on legislation found by our research team for inclusion in the annual HASC agenda. If a piece of legislation is adopted into the HASC agenda, we work to find advocacy opportunities for students related to that legislation, and create our own events if other opportunities do not already exist.


We are working toward a nationwide, coordinated network of HASC chapters that work together to make it easy for the next generation of healthcare professionals to become informed of health policy and comfortable with advocating for health issues important to them. If you would like to help us make this a reality, contact us for a chapter-startup toolkit. We’ll help you create your own version of the HASC constitution, find strategies to partner with existing health-related student organizations at your school, and assist you with creating your chapter’s first advocacy opportunities for students.